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President's Column

Judge Ned Mangum

Wake county bar association 




My Family of Lawyers

I DIDN’T COME FROM A FAMILY OF LAWYERS. My dad was a World War II veteran and was in the insurance business. My mom was a high school teacher before she had me. My brothers and sisters have been successful in medicine, banking, and entrepreneurship. They have all done great things. But none of them are lawyers.

I must admit that sometimes I felt a bit jealous of my Carolina Law School classmates whose parents were lawyers. Even though I knew from an early age that I wanted to go to law school, those classmates always seemed to have a much better understanding of the legal profession than I did.

I was fortunate, however, to have close friends from Broughton High School whose parents
were lawyers. Attorneys like Allan Head, David Long, Ed Gaskins, and Albert Bell were
always there to guide me. And each of them is an important part of the Wake County Bar

As a baby lawyer, I was lucky that David would invite me to the Professionalism Committee
meetings. And while I’m not sure I said anything for two years, those meetings and the
attorneys who attended them showed me that regardless of the area of practice, our bar
cares deeply about the profession and the people in it. As I became more and more involved
in the profession, I began to realize that I do have a family of lawyers. It’s the Wake County
Bar Association.

We are often with our professional family more hours of the day than our spouses, kids, and
friends. We are with each other during good times and bad. Many of us are lucky to build
friendships that will last our entire lives.

The first quarter 2018 edition of the Bar Flyer can be read here and is dedicated to the idea of the family of lawyers. I would encourage you to get to know other members of our family that you all have welcomed me into. WBF