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Joseph Branch Professionalism Award



The Professionalism Award Committee meets once a year in the fall to select the recipient of the Joseph Branch BranchProfessionalism Award. The award, which was first granted in 1991, is given to a Wake County lawyer of at least 25 years experience who exemplifies the qualities of professionalism stated in the professionalism creed and outlined in the nomination form.

Committee members are practicing attorneys of 15-25 years of experience who are appointed to serve three-year terms. In addition, each year's recipient of the award serves on the committee for two years – the first year as vice-chair of the selection committee and the second year as chair of the committee.

The Joseph Branch Professionalism Award, which is given annually at the November luncheon meeting, is the highest honor granted by our local bar so that it is important for the committee membership to reflect a cross section of experienced attorneys in Wake County who are able to attend the annual meeting of the committee.

Anyone interested in a three-year committee membership term should submit his or her name to Whitney von Haam for consideration. The continued strength of the Joseph Branch Professionalism Award depends upon the membership and work of this committee as well as an inclusive nominations process. A nomination form is included in the Wake Bar Flyer for several months prior to the fall committee meeting.

Joseph Branch Professionalism Award Recipients

2019 Phyllis B. Pickett
2018 Nick Fountain
2017 Maria M. Lynch
2016 Duncan A. McMillan
2015 Sally H. Scherer
2014 Victor J. Boone
2013 Stephen T. Smith
2012 David W. Long
2011 Cynthia L. Wittmer
2010 C. Colon Willoughby
2009 Howard F. Twiggs
2008 Sidney S. Eagles
2007 J. Allen Adams
2006 Carlyn Poole
2005 Roger W. Smith
2004 E.D. (Ed) Gaskins
2003 Ann Reed
2002 John M. Silverstein
2001 J. Ruffin Bailey
2000 John B. McMillan
1999 Daniel T. Blue, Jr.
1998 Wade M. Smith
1997 Charles H. Young
1996 Wright T. Dixon, Jr.
1995 James K. Dorsett, Jr.
1994 Charles F. Blanchard
1993 Robert L. Farmer
1992 William Joslin
1991 Robert L. McMillan

2020 Professionalism Award Nomination Form 


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