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Tenth Judicial District Judicial Election

Candidates for the Election to Select Nominees for 
District Court Judge Position
July 12, 2018

A lawyer may elect judicial district bar membership based on where he/she lives or where he/she practices. If a lawyer chooses to be a member of a district bar where he/she works, but does not live, then voting on some matters is limited. When  the district bar membership needs to hold a vote for a vacancy on the district court, NCGS §7A-142 states that only members who reside in the district may vote. NCGS §84-16 appears to allow lawyers to vote on district court vacancies in a district in which he/she does not live provided he/she provides written notice to the bar. That is actually incorrect. The only other instance when a member must reside in the district in order to vote on a matter is when the membership must vote for the public defender
(NCGS §7A- 498.7). 
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Jim Black
Personal Statement/Qualifications


Jacob A. Davis
Personal Statement/Qualifications


Rebecca Edwards

Personal Statement/Qualifications




Nicolette Fulton

Personal Statement/Qualifications



Walter B. Rand

Personal Statement/Qualifications